13 January 2021 - 10:37 • 6606 views



Yesterday's 25 - 40+ knots has been replaced by the ridge of high pressure, complete with mad wind going from 7 to 15 knots and shifting 30 to 40 degrees about every 7 minutes, which is keeping me occupied and preventing me from getting on with other jobs. Or sleeping. It is a bitterly cold night. Now there are 2 - 7 knots and no more stable. Every time I get going, I run straight back into no wind. Just west of this light patch lurks the next low pressure system, and depending on timing, it could be rather windy. It should propel us (Campagne de France + my storm buddy, Clément) a good way towards Cape Horn


I am just about allowing myself to think of Cape Horn as something that might enter my reality, instead of a mythical rock. I know it really does exist because I saw it when we rounded it 19 years ago on Amer Sports Too in the Volvo Ocean race, but on this race, it is a distant point on an electronic chart that never seems to get any closer in terms of ETA.. And it's still a long way away.