17 January 2021 - 10:25 • 5625 views


Off the coast of Recife, Maxime Sorel is racing towards the doldrums, looking carefully at what is happening near the equator. But the solo sailor must also preserve his boat and especially his headsails...
"I am about 100 miles off the Brazilian coast and I should pass about 60 miles from Recife. I hope, not too close so as not to be affected by any wind buffering as conditions are really strange. Yesterday, all morning I was making good progress and all afternoon I was in light conditions that were not at all expected... And the breeze came back at the end of the day! There was a very weird cloud mass, and it was gone. And overnight, there was less wind than forecast, whereas normally there should be more wind! It's really very weird. Those ahead talked a lot about stable trade winds, but I can't say the same...
I should reach the Recife at lunchtime. It is boiling and in the middle of the night, we had 28°C, and yesterday during the day, it was over 32°C. I take showers at the end of the day. But there is the pressure of the ranking and I don't know if Armel (Tripon) won't come back from behind!
The food is starting to get a bit boring. I've done pretty well so far, but I don't have any cold dishes left and I have to heat everything up... It's not necessarily great considering the heat here. I still have a few Hénaff pâtés that I make with a Krisproll, which it's quite nice! And yesterday I made myself a big peanut butter snack with jam and Nutella... Just like at home! But I've been eating a bit less lately.
I've been working on the steering system, the pilot, the rudder sensor and I did some stratification work on an area of the boat that needed to be repaired. I'm preparing for the North Atlantic where conditions will be stronger than what we have at the moment. But the boat is in pretty good condition even if you can feel the fatigue in some of the lines for example. But everything has been well prepared! And some of the sail repairs will just not hold if we push too hard. I have to take care of them, especially my J2 and J3. I have to be careful. It's a boat that has never been so far and I have to finish this Vendée Globe. Also, I can't wait to meet everyone in Les Sables d'Olonne!”
Maxime Sorel / V and B - Mayenne