11 February 2021 - 10:44 • 3997 views



The first words from Arnaud Boissières after crossing the finish line "It was an amazing race intense I feel like I was always in touch. I expected a little more but because the level is very high and the preparation of the boats high too. Behind the leaders we were also in a fight, that's what made the race so great, but that's also why I'm so tired. We had a great race especially with Alan (Roura) from Cape Horn. That is what I was looking for.

Four Vendée Globe is a great thing but I'm not Jean Le Cam. Jean Le Cam is out of the ordinary, I have so much respect for him, doing what Jean has done is great. Each Vendée Globe is different, this project was different, the approach was different with this updated boat even though I was not fighting for the top spots. I put extra into this Vendée Globe. Racing a fourth Vendée Globe in a row is great, I am making history, but everyone has their own story in this race. It’s so beautiful and a great story. This one will remain etched in my memory. We fought like crazy with Alan (Roura), Stéphane (Le Diraison), Kojiro (Shiraishi) and Pip (Hare). She is extraordinary, she always has a positive attitude! We don't go to sea because we need to, we choose to go racing!

Yes I have a fifth Vendée Globe in my sights. It keeps my momentum going, I would like a slightly more efficient boat maybe of the 2016 generation. I have two or three little ideas! I need to discuss it with my partners. And then, this year, my great friend wins. Yannick is my friend from Arcachon, a friend since we were teenagers. We talked and talked for a long time, about the Vendée Globe. I'm so happy for him, it's like I won with him! This Vendée Globe really has a special flavour.”