A round up of today's skippers press conferences

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Jérémie Beyou, FRA, Maitre Coq:
“ The night before the start I make sure I get more sleep and I will wake up earlier. The morning is a bit of a blur. There are so many people who come to greet you, to see you but you are in your bubble. I apologize in advance to those that I wont have time to say goodbye or even smile at.
Once in the channel you have this huge surge of emotion. We are not used to feel like we are in a stadium with tens of thousands of people around about us. But when you are out you have to immediately get into the starting focus, to see the boats all around you, to make the last call to the router. You need to switch quickly from one mode to another.”

Louis Burton, FRA, Bureau Vallée
"I have had three unbelievable weeks, much more than I ever imagined, especially the contact with the public. They have come from all over France and all they have waned in autographs. That is really rewarding for us. If there is a downside it is that it is very tiring. Right now I am looking forwards to getting going.”
I have not had a classic sailing career. I have never been world champion in the Optimist. I have not done the Solitaire du Figaro though it is not impossible that one day I’ll do it. My goal has been the Vendée Globe, it is to get to the deep south and have the good guys not too far ahead. And then to get home having preserved my boat.
The start will be wet and upwind. I’ll have to make the boat go fast and make the right moves over the first 48 hours to make sure I do not end up getting dropped."
What am I looking for most? To be vigilant and to be able to raise my foot off the accelerator when I need to.

Jean-Pierre Dick, FRA,
What has changed compared to four years ago is that I am going with a more powerful boat, in which I have a high level of trust. And that leads to a virtuous circle.

On how the other competitors view him
Perhaps they fear me more than before. Before, I think they thought I would almost inevitably break something ...

Priorities at two days before the start.
Prepare to make a serene start, take some time for me and to prepare to a clear strategy. Sleep. Be fresh for the big day But that in itself is not easy. I’ll do some sport, swim to get to sleep easily. We try to be as organised as possible to avoid any stress.

In the channel
I know that you have to close down the emotions.  You have to remain ‘Terminator’ without sense, especially trying not to lose energy with it. And to make a safe start.”

Javier Sanso, Acciona 100% Eco Powered
" We have done all of our homework and I am very much just wanting to be out there a hundred miles from here and to concentrate on the race and just get focused on the race after these three hard years of work and make the boat go fast. I am just anxious to be out of here. It is going to be lot of adaptation to the environment. There will be a lot of upwind, reaching,  very wet and then there will not be too many manoeuvres but then at Finisterre it will change but it will be a good acclimatisation for the rest of the race.
It is going to be a bit of uncertainty to see how the speed of the boat compares after the start. It is going to be a tight reach and so there is not much you can do, you cant put up more sail, so it is going to be nice how our speed is.
This is what I have been looking forward to for many years and so the enormity of the challenge, the duration does not worry me."


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