Weather analysis

Weather bulletin of the 1st Décember 2012.

Weather analysis for the 1st December 2012.
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General synopsis by  December 01, 2012 at 00h UTC :
Low 983 hPa 53S01W moving southeast and deepening, expected 967 hPa 60S23E at 02/00h UTC, then 961 hPa 62S34E at 02/12h UTC.  Associated trough extending to west of TRISTAN, moving east 25 kt.
Low 1006 hPa 29S17E moving southeast, expected 37S22E at 02/12h UTC.
High 1027 hPa 39S22E, moving northeast and weakening, expected 1024 hPa 35S42E at 02/12h UTC.
High 1027 hPa 35S35W, moving east and building, expected 1028 hPa 36S20W at 02/12UTC.

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