01 December 2012 - 14:37 • 2461 views



This is it, we’re in the Big South now and I saw my first albatross this morning. He was being curious and came very close to Mirabaud.

As expected, the front has come to us. It is chaotic and it came with rain and strong gusts. We gybed as the night was falling and it was tricky because of the cross sea.

The boat is shaking so much, I just can’t stand up. So I’ve been crawling a lot lately, just to be on safe side, like most of my fellow skippers, I’m sure. Not very elegant, though!

I was right in the middle of carrying heavy equipment around, several hundred kilograms, when the phone rang. It was a journalist, asking the best question of the day: « Hello, Dominique, how are you? ». Huuum, ok, I'm fine… In such a context, it takes a moment before you are able to connect to the reality of people on dry land. But that interview eventually came as a welcome break.

In the morning, the waves were still wild and the wind changing. It is getting colder but I’m prepared for that!

OK, time for my first coffee now.