02 December 2012 - 12:45 • 2777 views



Jean Le Cam had been slowed down by something since last night and he asked himself many questions on his boat’s settings throughout the night. In the morning, he looked under his hull and realised a fishing net was stuck in the bottom part of is keel. After three failed attempts to get rid of the net, the SynerCiel skipper eventually decided to dive under his boat for thirty minutes at 11 this morning. He stopped the boat, put on his scuba diving equipment and took his knife with him. Everythig went well and SynerCiel is now back in the race.

At 12 noon, Jean Le Cam explained: « After trying everything I could to get rid of that net, I had no choice, I had to dive. I geared up, stopped the boat, and went for it. At first I tried to cut it all at once but it just wasn’ working. I said to myself "s**t, that’s not good". So I cut one part after the other ad it worked out. It was a huge net! »