Le Cam's roller coaster ride

© Jean-Marie Liot / DPPI

« Wait, let me get to my « hospital bed » (He laughs). I had the crash of my life, like a pit stop as I was sailing at 20 knots. The sea was rough, extremely rough, with 6-metre swell ad wind between 40 and 45 knots. SynerCiel went down a huge wave and crashed at the bottom. It’s like driving your car full speed and crashing into a huge pile of butter. I hit the rudder jack partition because the navigation table seat where I sat was snatched. »

No harm

« This guy is fine, and so is the boat. I didn’t break anything but my knee, hand and back are pretty sore and I hit my head pretty hard. So I went to bed to recover a bit from the shock. I had already experienced crashes, but nothing like that! Seen from the outside, I’m sure the rudder blades were out of the water. I’m glad nothing went all over the place on board, except for me and my seat!  

Better and better

« The depression is going north and disappearing. The wind and swell are already getting weaker. The wind is down to 30 knots now. The past two days were no fun at all, so even the slightest improvement is a blessing. I’m glad to see the gap between Mike and I is geting bigger. Now I can focus on the next gate. »

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