09 January 2013 - 10:34 • 2571 views



General synopsis by  January 09, 2013 at 00h UTC :
Westerly disturbed flow  from ALBATROSS  to Cap Horn.
Low 959 hPa 61S173W  filling 970 hPa with little move.
New Low deepening 991 hPa by 9/12 UTC 55S145W, moving Southeast and deepening, expected 977 hPa 59S138W at 10/12 UTC. Associated trough crossing ALBATROSS.
Low 1003 hPa 35S115W moving southeast and deepening, expected 981 hPa 52S85W at 10/12 UTC. Associated disturbance moving to HORN.
Low 974 hPa 61S103W, moving slowly east and filling, expected 980 hPa 61S88W. Associated disturbance crossing HORN, MALOUINES.
Low  1008 hPa 33S45W, moving southeast and expected 1009 hPa 37S33W at 10/12 UTC. Associated thundery disturbance in East PLATA and West TRISTAN.

High 1022 hPa 35S88W, with little change.
High 1032 hPa 35S12W with little change.
High 1015 hPA 38S58W moving east and expected 1023 hPa 38S47W at 10/12 UTC.