27 February 2021


Doctor, Doctor

Dr Jean Yves Chauve has been the race doctor on the Vendee Globe since the first edition, here he explains the protocol tomorrow for Alexia Barrier and her back injury, and he talks about some of the medical aspects and challenges that have been different this time


Alexia Barrier, Champagne and Pizza for Breakfast on Arrival

Now less than 24 hours from the finish line of her Vendee Globe Alexia Barrier says her back pain is very slightly better but she is not going to let it mar her arrival, when the breakfast menu will be champagne and pizza....


In 7 Days Finally the Finnish Final Finisher?

Ari Huusela has just passed the island of Horta in the Azores and is enjoying moderate conditions as the prelude to what looks to be a slow passage across the Bay of Biscay, but the Finnish pilot is looking to enjoy his final week at sea and says he now expects to be in next Saturday.


Ari Huusela FIN (STARK) “ I am good I got good rest last night and it was amazing to see land for the first time since Cape Horn, I went quite close to Horta in the Azores, it was night. The routing now looks quite good too, nice reaching conditions not too heavy winds, maximum 25kts, the bad thing is that the last 300 miles from the finish line in the Bay of Biscay, the last 300 miles takes three days.

26 February 2021


Sam Davies: "I felt like I had even more support being out of the race!"

Sam Davies at her Press Conference, “It’s amazing the reception I have received. I want to thank everyone, I had never imagined having so many people when I arrived out of the race. I left to do a race, sporting performance and south of the Cape of Good Hope it turned into an adventure. And it became an even tougher challenge than I had ever imagined. With my team and our sponsors we knew that there were two objectives the sports objective and also the objective of saving children by sharing the adventure. We had already talked about the possibility of abandoning. I said I wanted to finish at all costs, like Isabelle Autissier and other sailors who ended up out of the race. We even had a spare mast ready to be sent to Australia if necessary. Fortunately, we had thought about all this before because psychologically, it made things easier, even for Romain (Attanasio) and for Ruben (editor's note her son).


Lion Hearted Sam Davies Completes Solo Vendée Globe Route Outside The Race  

After being forced to abandon her race on 5th December following a violent collision with a floating object south of Cape Town two days earlier, British skipper Sam Davies sailed back into Les Sables d’Olonne in beautiful spring sunshine this afternoon to complete an inspirational round the world passage fulfilling her pledge to complete the Vendée Globe route outside of the race rankings.


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