24 February 2021


Isabelle Joschke "I just want to enjoy this sunny day, to feel and enjoy the stillness under my feet, right now, nothing more."

Isabelle Joschke (MACSF) enjoyed a huge, warm welcome back to Les Sables d'Olonne today as she completed her round the world passage out of the race. Her bravery and sheer determination to bring her boat back to Les Sables d'Olone after retiring from the race in early January was acknowledged by a passionate welcome. 


The first words of Isabelle Joschke

These are the first words of Isabelle Joschke at the pontoon when she returned to Les Sables d'Olonne today to a huge welcome.


Isabelle Joschke (MACSF) has completed her round-the-world outside the race

The French skipper of MACSF Isabelle Joschke who was forced out of the Vendée Globe on January 9th due to a keel ram failure on her IMOCA 60 has completed her round the world passage today out of the race when she sailed back into Les Sables d’Olonne today 107 days 21 hours after the race start on November 8th. She made a 10 day technical stop in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil to consolidate the keel problem with her technical team. The 43 year old Franco-German skipper has shown great determination to ‘close the loop’ and finish her first ever circumnavigation. She passed the Nouche Sud buoy at 10:34hrs UTC this morning

23 February 2021


Alain Gautier: "Isabelle had the potential to finish very well".

This is the final stretch for Isa, have you heard from her? How is she doing?
Alain Gautier : " We must be careful with this home straight because there can still be problem. It was windy last night, there are cargo ships, she crossed the Cape Finisterre TSS and I think the night was not very restful. But she had been resting for the last few days".


Isabelle Joschke expected in Les Sables d'Olonne Around Midday Wednesday

Today very much marks the home straight for MACSF skipper Isabelle Joschke who is into the Bay of Biscay after a windy night passing Cape Finisterre, a passage that was, as usual, made more challenging by the presence of marine traffic close to the TSS. But now ‘Isa’ has a direct run back to the barn, some 250 miles ahead of her, on starboard tack in a breeze which will ease progressively.


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