06 February 2021


'A third round? I want to fly....' Romain Attanasio

Romain Attanasio's first words after crossing the finish line....

"This is a bit crazy. You are so 100% connected all the time, there are things happening all the time. If you are not on it all the time and something happens it becomes a disaster. It doesn't happen. You can never stop. And then this climb up the Atlantic. I had a bit of everything. The calms at the Falklands, the storm afterwards, then 3 days stuck in the doldrums, and again that last storm at the Azores.


Romain Attanasio finishes 14th in the Vendée Globe

This Saturday 6 February at 16 hours, 06 minutes and 02 seconds UTC French skipper Romain Attanasio crossed the finish line of the ninth edition of the Vendée Globe to take 14th place. His elapsed time is 90 days, 02 hours, 46 minutes and 02 seconds.

05 February 2021


Romain Attanasio wants to be finished

Romain Attanasio (PURE - Best Western) was on the 0900hrs UTC radio calls this morning. The skipper who should arrive tomorrow says the last few days have not been easy:

04 November 2020


Meeting Romain Attanasio

The skipper of Pure-Best Western tells us about his unusual background, which has seen him advance through dreams and determination to the start of his second Vendée Globe. He refers to a unique psychological and emotional test.

31 October 2020


Lab Coats And Foul Weather Gear? Vendée Globe skippers help with scientific data gathering

Ten weather data buoys, three Argo floats and three thermosalinographs are the key items of scientific measuring and recording equipment which will be taken by Vendée Globe skippers during this upcoming race.


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