17 December 2020


Ruyant 'My Two Hatches Had Opened But I Thought History Was Repeating Itself'

Back on course after a scare which required him to stop his LinkedOut last night Thomas Ruyant explained this morning that his bow compartment filled up in less than 30 minutes because his hatches had been forced open by the water pressure. 

16 December 2020


Chilled Ruyant Sets The Pace in The Fifties

Racing in 25 knots of wind at 53 degrees south, life is distinctly chilly for Thomas Ruyant and Yannick Bestaven, the top two Vendée Globe skippers who are less than ten miles apart. They both gybed early this morning and are heading fully east running parallel to the exclusion barrier, for the Pacific where they are hoping the sea state will be easier and more conducive to higher average speeds than the Indian Ocean has been.

07 December 2020


Thomas Ruyant explains his choice to 'stay as safe as possible'

In second place Thomas Ruyant was joined on the morning call at around 0400hrs TU. 
"We are at the front of the front and so the conditions are quite invigorating but unlitmately not bad. We have around 20 knots, over 25 knots for me at the moment. It's for sure better than the last three or four days. It’s not rough weather, the sea is flatter unlike a what we have for days before. So we are going with this front. These are quite “sporty” sailing and you have to be able to live at these speeds.

27 November 2020

On board

Thomas Ruyant explains his foil surgery

Thomas Ruyant - LinkedOut explains his foil surgery on the morning radio vac. 

25 November 2020


Damage to the port foil of Thomas Ruyant’s LinkedOut!

While lying in second place in the South Atlantic, some 72 nautical miles behind leader Charlie Dalin (Apivia), Thomas Ruyant last night sustained damage to the port foil of his IMOCA LinkedOut. He had to stop for a short period to assess and says he will now be unable to use the foil on the port (left) side of his boat for the remainder of the race.


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