28 February 2021

In brief

Update from the new and final 'leader' of the remaining Vendee Globe fleet

Ari Huusela writes this Sunday: "Amazingly beautiful night with good progress. I have only 900NM left and 27 000 miles behind me. Se that is 16 weeks done and 112 days racing. My routing tells me this morning that I my ETA can be on Friday 5th March at around 1500hrs in the afternoon, so I still have five days left to enjoy the rest of my race. On the way there’ll be two more light wind areas and both are expected to take around a day and slow me down. If it were not for that I could finish in three days. It’s starting to feel colder now, water temperature is only 16,5°C now. 

All good on board. Let’s enjoy this Sunday. 

27 February 2021


In 7 Days Finally the Finnish Final Finisher?

Ari Huusela has just passed the island of Horta in the Azores and is enjoying moderate conditions as the prelude to what looks to be a slow passage across the Bay of Biscay, but the Finnish pilot is looking to enjoy his final week at sea and says he now expects to be in next Saturday.


Ari Huusela FIN (STARK) “ I am good I got good rest last night and it was amazing to see land for the first time since Cape Horn, I went quite close to Horta in the Azores, it was night. The routing now looks quite good too, nice reaching conditions not too heavy winds, maximum 25kts, the bad thing is that the last 300 miles from the finish line in the Bay of Biscay, the last 300 miles takes three days.

24 February 2021


Ari Huusela. 'My last 24 hours has been horrible'

Ari Huusela FIN (Stark): My last 24 hours has been horrible and then it eased off during the night a bit and I started to get some rest because I could not sleep for about 30 hours. The waves were so nasty and the wind was quite bad, 30-35kts, and then it dropped to 28 but the waves were terrible, the seas horrible, the wind had turned 180 degrees and so the sea state was horrible. The boat was slamming so hard I thought it would break down. The boat is still in one piece and I am in one piece. There is still some sticky weather patterns to come and so I need to concentrate on the them. I have not updated myself yet because I am so tired I am just trying to sleep a bit and then concentrate.

21 February 2021

On board

Aria Huusela looking forwards to getting out of his local Doldrums

Ari Huusela (FIN, STARK): “I am good. Yesterday when there was no wind at all I was just trying to enjoy the warm day and the nice weather and by evening the wind started to build and it was quite good. Of course it turned against me and I had to tack this morning as first I was going to the west and so I tacked and was going east and so no real progress towards the finish line. But now I am heading north and my speed is now eight to nine knots and so I hope this wind lasts so I can get through this local doldrums and get out to the low pressure winds.

19 February 2021


Ari Huusela: “I feel like this is the never ending story.'

Speaking from on board the famous STARK Imoca this morning Finnish skipper Ari Huusela now has the 250 nautical miles wide ridge of high pressure to negotiate before the Azores, and today he will pass under the 2000 nautical miles to the finish. He is starting to find the continually changing ETA a bit frustrating but he says......  “Life is good, as always I am super happy, I am approaching the high pressure zone of light winds and it is quite wide and complicated and so I will struggle through it. I have 11 kts of wind and I am doing 11kts and so it is quite OK right now. Hopefully I will keep a small bit of wind, but I have been following Alexia, she is going quite well and has been going seven knots or something so it is fine right now. 


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