27 November 2020


Kevin Escoffier (PRB) A Speed Problem of A Different Kind

Kevin Escoffier (PRB): This morning I had a small problem, my central GPS system went 'off the rails' and was showing speeds of 80 knots in my navigation system. As it indicated a false speed, the control unit thought I was 165 degrees to windward while in fact I was 140 downwind VMG. As a result, the pilot luffed up to go to tack with my big gennaker up, the J3, and the the second rudder up... So there, you can imagine! By the time I was able to sort it all out and get going again, Yannick (Bestaven) had slipped by in the good pressure. I had to do a bit of a re-alignment move and so I wasn't available for the 5 am radio session this morning! In the meantime I have switched to the 'spare' GPS. I'm going to try and find out where the problem is coming from. It's OK because we had just 15 knots of wind, but things are going to get fresher in the coming days and I do not want to have it happen again in the more challenging conditions.

25 November 2020


Kevin Escoffier, PRB 'I will have to ask Jean for advice.'

Escoffier was positioned 4th on the 5am ranking and wide awake when called up for the morning radio chat, poring over the weather files and full of doubts about how things are going to pan out.

23 November 2020


Descending the Stairway to..... Heaven or Hell?

Seven miles apart after two weeks of racing, leader Thomas Ruyant (LinkedOut) and second placed Charlie Dalin (Apivia) gybe in step with each other as they descend a corridor of modest breeze between the two evolving zones of lighter airs, an 800 nautical mile stairway down to the strong winds of the Southern Ocean.

16 November 2020


The Schuss Downhill To The Doldrums

Passing 250 miles west of the Cape Verde islands during last night Alex Thomson has the accelerator down on HUGO BOSS on the fast flight south trying to extend on the Vendée Globe rivals who are chasing him. Flying downwind at average speeds of more than 20kts, HUGO BOSS is more than 75 miles ahead of Jean Le Cam and 139 miles up on third placed Thomas Ruyant (LinkedOut)

11 November 2020


Kevin Escoffier dealing with damaged valve

“It is jacuzzi mode this morning on PRB.” Quipped Kevin Escoffier this morning on a video released at 0845hrs this morning. On screen it is clear there is water sloshing around on the bottom of his boat.


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