Kojiro Shiraishi on Spirit of Yukoh forced to retire

Photo sent from the boat Spirit of Yukoh, on November 30th, 2016 - Photo Kojiro ShiraishiPhoto envoyée depuis le bateau Spirit of Yukoh le 30 Novembre 2016 - Photo Kojiro Shiraishi

Kojiro has since then climbed the mast and succesfully removed the broken part of the mast. Kojiro and the team came to the conclusion that it was impossible to repair this damage and there were too many risks to allow him to continue in these conditions. He decided to retire from the race at 0830 UTC. Kojiro is now safely heading for Cape Town. All the sponsors for this project have said that they are relieved that Kojiro was not injured during this incident. They are all looking forward to assisting Kojiro in his future adventures.

Kojiro's words :
"At 0330 UTC, I heard the mast break from inside of the boat. I quickly went outside to check the damage but the mast had broken in half above the second spreader. I was able to remove the broken piece and I will need to go up again to do some cleaning. The wind was 20 knots at the time I dismasted. I'm okay. I don't need any assistance, and I am heading for Cape Town. I am sorry for everyone who supported me in this journey and would like to particularly thank my sponsors for their kind support."

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