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He was born in Florence, graduated in philosophy, his hero is Gandhi. With a solid track record in ocean racing (Mini, Class40, Multi50), he is also the fifth Italian skipper in the history of the Vendée Globe to take the start of the race

Born on 12/26/1975 in Florence.
Lives in Lorient


Studies and professional career outside sailing: I studied philosophy, I graduated from the University of Florence. Rather than being a philosophy teacher, I went down the route of sailing. I was economically independent because I worked every weekend, summer vacation, Christmas vacation etc. While I was trying to become a professional sailor I got my philosophy degree.
My first sails: In front of the island of Elba in Italy on the Gulf of Follonica, windsurfing at 12 years old.

When and how did you get your passion for ocean racing and when did it become your career project?
Because I love sports, adventure and travel. The drive, I suppose, was bringing it all together. In offshore racing there is obviously the sport side, the competition. But of course it is also an adventure, it is a journey because your are sailing around the world! Then you also have loneliness, on board you are constantly thinking, questioning yourself. And it is there you have the  philosophical aspect of the story! It is a heady mix, a cocktail of different things and so I was drawn to it, like a magnet.

Which result or experience are you most proud of?
Being the dad of two great children.

Short tacks
Your main quality in life:
Your main flaw: Impatience
If you were an animal: The albatross
If you were a plant: An artichoke
Your dream of happiness: Being with family, in nature ... Everyone is happy, we are having fun.
If you were a book: The Little Prince of Saint Exupéry
If you were music: Beethoven's ninth symphony
Your colour: The White
Your hero in life: Gandhi
An aphorism: "Never give up"
If you weren't an ocean racer, you would be ... a mountaineer


Your ambitions for the Vendée Globe 2020:
Complete the round the world passage, to get right round, and get the boat going at the best speed.
What could prevent you from achieving this goal (other than the damage): Nothing !
Your Lethal Weapon: When I have decided on something, I really go
In three words, the Vendée Globe for you is: unpredictable, unknown, magical
In three pictures, the Vendée Globe for you is: The Cape Horn, The approach to the doldrums approach and coming back up the Sables d'Olonne channel
Which skipper inspires you: Francis Joyon

On this Vendée Globe you wouldn't leave without . My children's soft toys and my wife's lucky charm.