13 November 2020 - 06:50 • 14334 views



Some news from Clarisse Cremer (Banque Populaire X).


You will conjugate go around with me:I go around
You go around
He / she goes around ...

Basically understand, I'm afraid, what am I saying is I'm freaking out a bit with the approach of this depression and I have been thinking for some time about the strategy to adopt. I have never had severe damage before, I have had my share of little dramas, yes, things that are annoying and energy consuming now (especially at the level of stress of this rookie) but I feel that every strong gust of wind threatens the health of my boat.

As I write it is the port hydrogenator which was torn from its support two hours ago – no biggie as I have a second one and plenty of diesel, but it is more stress and it came just at the end a of series of naps which had made me feel better. So overall I just want to look after my boat and my nerves so I try to slow down a bit and go west I am ready to spend a bit more time in the Atlantic as long as Theta leaves me alone.

When you have the competitive spirit like I do it is strange to make a course which is counterintuitive like I am, I am tempted to gybe west and writing this has even saved me a bit of westing. Anyway I can’t sleep any more. It's funny when you have the competitive spirit to make an edge, my hydrogenator is bugging my mind.

Seasoned router friends and meteorologists, you can read between lines of this message to be lenient on the analysis of my course. Top of my agenda now is "do not get f++ked "

A kiss and good night!

Clarisse / Banque Populaire X