03 December 2020 - 18:11 • 18611 views


Sebastien Simon Akea Paprec explains the damage around his foil box
I am a bit disappointed and down, I don’t know what to say. I want to continue this trip around the world. I don’t think I deserve this and find it to be incredible unjust.
The foil is damaged, not the structure in itself, but the foil is damaged, so I can’t use it as it is. The lower part and the foil box itself, which means there is a leak. The bottom part has come away from the foil and so water is coming in. The only way of repairing this is to cut the foil into small pieces, because believe it or not, the foil in itself weights nearly 300 kilos. and I can’t cut it from the outside, I need to do this from the top so to try and fix this I am going to have to cut the foil into bits and then go and repair the boat, well block up the leak from both the outside and the inside. 
To do that I need to hang over the side of the boat and to do that I need stable conditions, which I do not have now nor in 12, 24 hours. On top of this I have damage the bulkhead behind the cockpit. I am not sure if this is due to impact, if it is collateral damage or not.  I noticed this when I went ot get some water out. I know this bulkhead was not damaged yesterday and today it is. 
To top things off, as if one problem was not enough the tiller connecting harm has been ripped off and every two hours I have to go and spend 40 minutes pumping the water out from under the cockpit, which is not nice place to be in.