18 December 2020 - 10:24 • 5973 views



Yesterday I was parked in a bubble of high pressure, and then unfavourable upwind - just for me - due to a kink in the isobars just where I was. I was desperately trying to place the boat ahead of the front which has now swept Campagne de France up. I really thought I was going to miss the train, but just made it. Now we, the boat and I, are reaching in my favourite pre-frontal conditions.

In each week's food bag, I have found Fujifilm Polaroid photos taken at our local, Le Russel, in Carteret. My chart table is now populated by friends at the bar, which is rather nice, and today it's Friday. So tonight I will be at Le Russel on Campagne de France in the South Indian Ocean, which will not be the case back on land, if I have understood correctly, where the population is under an Occupation-style curfew. The police must be busy...
Miranda/ Campagne de France sur un océan de liberté/ on an ocean of freedom