21 December 2020 - 09:59 • 14071 views



Message received from Boris Herrmann (Seaexplorer - Yacht Club de Monaco) this morning.

“I sometimes compare my race with the pattern for my wife at home with our baby, just with intermittent sleep waking every two hours during the night, she can never just sit down and have a quiet evening or night and watch the baby or does the baby wake up. It seems completely unpredictable like out here. I am running a bit out of juice with just my big gennaker of 300 sq metres as Jean Le Cam is making miles back at me and on this VMG angle his boat is maybe just a little bit less draggy, that is just a guess, and he is most certainly has a kite of 400 sq metres which will be allowing him to sail 10 degrees lower and faster and so your VMG is massively better. I read some stuff from IMOCA with Jérémie Beyou saying what a slow race this is compared to the last one, and he said it is all about just ten degrees here or there and two knots more or less that makes the difference. If I could have anything this morning it would be that, to have the wind from ten degrees more right and three knots more I would be making record speeds along the ice gate in a straight line. So instead here I am slow and gybing, feeling like sometimes I am not going anywhere.”  

Boris Herrmann / Seaexplorer - Yacht Club de Monaco