06 February 2021 - 21:03 • 6010 views



Romain Attanasio's first words after crossing the finish line....

"This is a bit crazy. You are so 100% connected all the time, there are things happening all the time. If you are not on it all the time and something happens it becomes a disaster. It doesn't happen. You can never stop. And then this climb up the Atlantic. I had a bit of everything. The calms at the Falklands, the storm afterwards, then 3 days stuck in the doldrums, and again that last storm at the Azores.

It's such a big part of your life. Four years ago I remember everything. I was with my friends - who are not far here now they are on a semi-rigid I was skiing with them shortly after I finished and at one point at the table they said to me "you are still talking about Vendée Globe". And that's right, for weeks after your finish you are still at it. It is just that. It’s such a big thing.

Now I need a third one but a race that I hope flies fast and with wind!

Yes, you think about this finish. But you don’t let yourself think about it because at any time the race can stop. Earlier, a few days ago when it was windy and I was still thinking that the mast could still come down. When you cross the line the first thing you are saying to yourself is "nothing can happen to me anymore". I do not realize I am finished. I lowered the mainsail as we usually do with Seb and the team and I didn't realize what was thinking….No more stress. It is over!

For Sam it's tough, we thought she would arrive before me. We called each other during the race, I wanted to tell her about the finish but held back a bit. But she will come to the finish. Until you actually finish it always feels never ending.

I had a hard time, my mainsail track car got stuck up there just before the doldrums. Since then I have been sailing with one reef in the mainsail, I have a broken gennaker, my J1 has bent the stanchion, it was in the water, I spent an hour and a half hauling it out. It was stupid. But that is the Vendée Globe!

We learn all the time in this sport, in this race. We also learn to deal with nature, understand it and adapt to it. I believe that it was Franck Cammas who says that it  through hardships and difficulties that we progress. So, here we are, I made good progress!